1. Add device

Click Configuration in the Desktop ,U will see the below map .

Click <site-default>   —–> <Device List >

Type :  There are two kind of Type , DWG and SIM-BANK

Product SN : Y0u can find it in the Device packet , It is also in the GW of SIM BANK  <RUN Information >

Device Alias : It is just a name

SIM Policy ( DWG only ) : It is the way to use SIM card

Default Group (SIM Bank only) : We can assign Different Group for SIM card for easy management .

Password : It  is used for DWG/ SIM-Bank register

2. Register DWG

Go to DWG webpage , Click Menu : Mobile Configuration   —–> SIM Mode  , Select SIM BANK 

Then go to Menu  : Mobile Configuration   —–> Cloud Server

Fill your own Domian name , and port Fill 2020

Restart DWG

3. SIM BANK Register

Go to SIM Bank Webpage , Click Menu SIM Server .

Fill your own Domian name , and port Fill 2020
Restart SIM BANK 

4. Check register status

if Not Registered , please check DNS setting .

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